Friday, May 28, 2010

~ bila kite kan bertemu ~


DATE: 3rd APRIL 2010
TIME: 8.00 pm - 2.00 am

tetibe kek prom jd kek bufday aku laks..

coklat kek.. yumyum

wif my bro zayed

kak rina, suzy, me n boo
wif my adik asyraf.. tinggi tol ko dik

thanx to cino a.k.a raziman for da sweet memories

suap kat diri sndirik lak

men suap2 la plak.. haha

wif my luv sis hani..
This event was being held at The Regency KL on the 3rd April 2010. Basically this event was meantly for Malaysian Tagged Chatters. Our appreciation and many thanks to DJ Amrick for spinning good song choices.....Mr. Bala for being such a good commentator, with brilliant ideas.
Also.....to my event crew members.....aboy, kroll, kak cadd, kuet, zayed, kam and auntie JV....you are such a wonderful friends that i have ever had....thanks for being there. Special thanks to Aboy for saving the night with his "slumberness"...brush up that skill bro as i need you for the forthcoming events.
Hoping that each and everyone of you had a good time as much as I enjoying myself on that nite. Tho, many incidents had happened...huhu~but yet, i had a wonderful nite ever in my life....